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Return Dale Kaemingk as Brier Mayor
Return Dale Kaemingk as Brier Mayor Click to see Council endorsement PDF

Brier is a great place to live. Let’s keep it that way.

Community policing and public safety are my highest priority as your Mayor. This is why finding a new Chief of Police for Brier and rebuilding our own Police Department is so important to me.
The entire Brier City Council voted to approve funds to conduct an extensive and far reaching search. I have engaged the help of a well known professional recruitment firm to lead the hunt. I am also seeking out Officers to serve our citizens based out of our City Hall and under the leadership of myself and of our Interim Chief of Police.
Dale Kaemingk

Return Dale Kaemingk as Brier Mayor Return Dale Kaemingk as Brier Mayor Click to see Council endorsement PDF

Your vote for me is a vote for:

  • Proven Leadership
    I have served on the Brier City Council for 16 years and I am now enjoying serving as your Mayor. I have met with our Representatives in Olympia and many Snohomish County Elected Officials and discussed with them important issues and priorities in our City. I have also solicited input from Brier citizens to find out your priorities for our beautiful City.
  • Our Unique City
    Brier is a unique and beautiful City with its large lots, big trees and involved citizens. I will continue to work to keep it that way.
  • Public Safety
    My desire is to maintain Brier having its own Police Department and I’m working hard to keep and find leadership and officers for that important department. I also have developed a great working relationship with South County Fire and the administration there.
  • Careful Budget Review
    I have worked hard to make sure that your tax dollars are spent efficiently. Among my highest priorities is to facilitate effective, reasonable, and responsive local government that also plans for the future.
  • Infrastructure Analysis
    I have worked with City Staff to ensure that our infrastructure is up to date and maintained as needed. I have also worked to make sure that the City staff has the tools that they need to work efficiently.
  • Technology Upgrade
    As your Mayor, I have worked to upgrade equipment and technology in City Hall. I have also encouraged and enabled communications between our residents and myself, City Council and City staff.